Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Last Good Day

Good morning, I love you.
It haunts me each day.

My long hair draped over you and meshed with your perfectly sinuous locks.

Our unclothed bodies were trapped underneath layers of sheets by the stinging cold.
The sun shone through the cracks between the Venetian blinds, lighting your unforgettable visage.

"Good morning, I love you," you said.
"Good morning, I love you," I said.

Countless alarms reminded us of the inevitability of the day.
"Five more minutes," we'd quietly exclaim with joy and laughter... Over, and over again.
Your eyes smiled with as much vigor as your lips.

"Good morning, I love you."
"Good morning, I love you."

I saw everything in you that I had ever dreamed of, tracing the lines of your face with my fingertips.
A thousand kisses covered your cheeks, neck, hips, hoping to keep you there just a little while longer.

Maybe I knew.

Good morning, I love you.

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