Saturday, March 8, 2014

Am I preaching?

Everybody goes through high points and low points in their lives. I have, within the last 4 years, been struggling to find a stable wavelength; I've been searching for equilibrium between healthy mind and body, yada yada yada... You get the point. Until recently (the last six months or so), I was struggling heavily with eating healthy and trying not to lay sedentary every night after work. I was in a relationship that had made it exceedingly difficult to focus on myself over the years. Since the breakup in September, I've found enough inspiration between family and friends to get back to who I really am. I've gotten to travel, gotten back to having a social life, and now I'm back to eating healthy and working out six days a week. So, anyway, after posting a photo on Facebook last night, one of my favorite people asked me a simple question.

Here's the photo:
This is me after a workout, showing my heart rate numbers.

Here's the question: 
"Are you going to get all preachy about working out now?"

Short answer:

Long answer:
I feel like I'm coming out of some very harsh "lows" in my life. Right at this moment, I'm back in shape, I'm eating good food. There is less weight on my back, figuratively and literally. At the core, this is me. I love working out. I love being able to climb things. I love being able to run around with my dog and not get winded in seconds. I love looking at the numbers on my heart rate monitor and seeing the math actually make sense.

If it feels like I'm preaching, please know, I'm not. The truth is, I'm excited. I want to share knowledge with my friends. It took me almost two months to go from three minutes of jumping rope to twenty six. That was hard for me, and I would like to share how I did it with friends. If they're not interested, they won't read it. If they are, hopefully my posts can help them in starting a new workout regimen.

Staying active is what I know, and I will always be learning for years to come. I don't have much in the ways of money, but I can always take hold of my own health. That makes me happy. So, please don't ever think that I'm on some high horse telling you to stop being lazy. I understand how hard it is to start that first workout after months of not moving. I know. know. KNOW how hard it is not to eat that slice of fucking apple pie, pizza, mac & cheese. You get it.

I broke down my walls, and I'm happy. That is my answer.

Love you guys,

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