Sunday, March 31, 2013

So, about God...

This is easy for me to write, but it's very difficult for me to post publicly. One, because I don't appreciate ridicule, and two, because I have spent a good portion of my life trying to please everyone, many times at my own expense, emotionally. I don't really care anymore. Much light has been shed on hidden truths regarding people and life over the last three years that I can't pretend to be who I was in the year 2009. The fun factor is gone. It's very "black and white" as of late. Life consists mainly of putting one foot in front of the other, with some sleep in between.

And so, I am in the midst of making some major changes with the intent of rediscovering the world in a new light. There will soon be a geographical change in my life. Somewhere south with a warmer climate and new faces. It's just been shitty living here since my mother died. So, it's time to move on. Here's to a new life! Now that that has been said, let's move onto the important stuff.

Someone who shall remain unnamed posted a generic message on a social networking site about God that set me off. You know what I'm talking about? Those mini JPEG sermons that try to tell you how bad of a person you are for not sharing a message? Maybe it's because I haven't written a blog post in so long. Maybe it's because I hate people trying to push guilt on me by way of religion. Here's what it said:

"Why do we sleep though church,
but stay awake for a three-hour movie? 1
Why is it hard to pray,
but easy to cuss? 2
Why is it hard to re-post a Godly bulletin,
but easy to re-post the mean ones? 3
Why can people worship a celebrity,
but not God? 4
Gonna ignore this? 5
Afraid to get laughed at? 6
The Lord said,
'If you deny me in front of your friends,
I will deny you in front of my Father.'” 7

I broke it down into numbered sections for you guys because I am answering these questions for the public and, hopefully, for whoever the original creator of this garbage may be. Please keep in mind that this is not an insult towards your religion. It is merely a reflection of who I am and what I believe. If you have strong beliefs in God and what the truth is, you may want to refrain from reading. Here goes:

  1. I do not currently go to church. I am an atheist, although I did my fair share of nodding off during the priest’s sermons as a child. See, I was baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church and spent almost twelve years of my life in Catholic schools. I should be like you, right? I should “share” your post about God because it would make me a better person and give me a better overall chance to get into heaven... right? And I should try harder to recruit new Christian clones into this world, right? That would ensure this nation’s prosperity and instill a sense of peace throughout the world. That’s what Christianity has always done, anyway. No war was ever fought for God or a Holy land, or to push Christian values onto others. That would be absurd. Oh, and I can stay awake through three-hour movies for a few reasons:
    Reason 1: Generally, movies are new and exciting. We sit down to watch movies and possibly learn new things. Movies can sometimes be short on moral value, but we can learn new languages, get insight into foreign lands and languages, and surely expand on our narrow ways of thinking.
    Reason 2: I have no reason to listen to stories of imaginary woodworkers that have been butchered and bastardized by religious bigots over and over again for thousands of years. They are stories filled with basic lessons. We’ve heard them before. I’d rather sleep in on Sunday. I work too hard and live too little to justify waking up, getting dressed, driving to church, sitting quietly on an uncomfortable dead tree, and giving children with felt-lined baskets my money. Next question.
  2. I do not pray. It’s a waste of breath. Praying only creates a false hope that a being, greater than you or anyone else, who has complete control over the outcome of your meager existence will listen and grant you your wish. It’s not the way it works. You can’t put your existence, or someone else’s, into the hands of something fake. Some things, like sickness and death, are inevitable. Sickness may often be cured by prescription narcotics and/or medical treatment. Death is a hard truth. We will all die. Nobody born on this world will live forever. When it ends for you, the people you love will mourn. God will not be there to save them. Hopefully, the positive nature of your life will remind them that good exists, and they will recall all the happiness you spread while you were with them. And maybe they will go on spreading the love you shared with everyone else. I almost forgot about the cussing. Cursing is a quick release of built-up anxiety. It’s healthy, says science. Google it. Shit.
  3. Some people say building or fixing things can be hard. Baking is difficult. That’s not true. All those things take patience, knowledge and an open mind. For me to share your “Godly bulletin” with other people would rip at my insides because, frankly, I don’t believe there is a god. I’d sooner allow myself to believe that we were colonized by an alien civilization because science might one day back that up with facts. It hurts me to spread this kind of fluff like it tears my eardrums to sit and listen to “Cats, the musical”. I do not spread hate, maybe my concern for the greater good of mankind, but not “mean ones” as it was worded in the post.
  4. I do not worship celebrities. I do not have cable TV. I do not read entertainment news, nor do I keep up with pop culture. I do not worship anything. I believe in my own ability to survive and make this world a better place, just like I believe everyone else could. Think about that and stop wasting your time in church.
  5. No. I will not ignore this.
  6. Laughed at? How, exactly? My friends would be very confused if I posted anything about God on a public forum. I am not here to force my beliefs onto others. We should all be able to live in harmony without some type of religious guilt being pushed onto us. That sort of thing had its time in the renaissance. People were killed in the name of God for being heretics. If that’s not irony, what is?
  7. I don’t think he said that.

I will not waste my time or yours trying to tell you what you should believe, so please keep these things to yourself. Thank you for reading.

Emmanuel Z. Karabetis

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