Friday, January 20, 2012

Barbara Mikulski's reply (SOPA / PIPA Bills)

Dear Mr. Karabetis:
Knowing of your recent interest in the PROTECT IP Act (S. 938), I am writing to update you on the status of this bill.

I am happy that the Senate will not vote on this bill in the coming days.  While illegal downloading of movies, TV shows and music is a serious issue, the solution can't be worse than the problem.  Any efforts to strengthen the protection of copyrighted materials must be well planned, avoid unintended consequences, and must not stifle free speech or innovation.

I will not vote for the PROTECT IP Act in its current form. I believe in the Constitution and free speech.  Congress needs to go back to the drawing board to fix the problems with the bill.

Knowing of your views is helpful to me, and I will keep them in mind as Congress continues to debate this issue.

Thanks once again for writing.  Please let me know if I can be of assistance in the future.

Barbara A. Mikulski 
United States Senator