Thursday, June 9, 2011

Always In Our Thoughts

I struggled to wake up this morning. Actually, I struggled to keep from waking up. It was one of those mornings where you open your eyes about a half hour before the alarm is supposed to go off and you try an try to fall back asleep but keep waking up every 10 minutes. During these brief intermissions from reality, I would slip into a mini dream. I recall two of them, specifically.

In the first, I was with a beautiful girl and we were on a bus. We weren't going anywhere that I can recall, exactly, but we were staring into each others' eyes. It was interesting because it wasn't real and I was aware of that fact in the dream. Then, BAM! I'm back to reality. Looking at the clock one more time, I try to fall back into dreamland once more.

The second dream was completely unrelated to the first. I was shaving in the bathroom, and my mom was strolling through the hallway. I asked her if my beard looked alright. She quickly examined it and said it was okay. This dream wasn't lucid as was the first. If it was, I would've tried harder to keep it going. Since most of my readers are close friends, you all know mom passed away in April, 2010. So anyway, these subconscious visits are welcomed any time.

Now, while at work today, a return customer came in to put down a payment on a large piece. Rob came out to greet him and asked him how his wife was. Guy replies with, "I lost her." Now, I kept my mouth shut. It wasn't clear if he was joking or if he meant what I thought he meant. But after a couple minutes of explanation, it turns out his wife was battling cancer for a long while and finally passed. As best as he could, he held his composure through the conversation, which included a very interesting detail; he mentioned he was expecting a visit from her soon. His background as a Christian leads him to believe that his late spouse will pay him a visit, somehow, within 40 days of her passing. This meant anything from a ghostly presence, voice, dream, etc.

Now, I'm not much for religion, but losing someone that close to you is not easy to deal with, so I was hoping in my heart that he would receive his wish. It's comforting to see someone who's no longer here for just a moment in time, even though the glimpse is fleeting.

When people are here, we sometimes accept their presence as infinite. Sad thing is, it's not. I wanted to tell the man that I saw my mom in a dream this morning, but didn't know how awkward the conversation would be, or if it would be any help to him to hear that from a stranger. Anyway, if you have people in your life that you love, let them know more often than not. It just makes sense.


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