Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bizarre Dream Recap - Weird Level: 8

I was at an amusement park in the middle of the ocean. We were on a track that held about 6 boats side-by-side and god knows how many in a line. One minute into the ride, a giant blow-up pirate ship emerges from the water and shoots its canons. My boat falls off the track. I have to swim back to the track while holding my boat... In the middle of the ocean, mind you! Eventually, I'm back on track and get through the whole ride, which included caves and Easter eggs (no connection). The end of the ride leads back to a cruise ship where, for some reason, there is an exact replica of my gallery. My boss and his wife are there and I have a ton of orders to fill. So naturally I start working, when I'm interrupted by 5 teenage girls who proceed to get in a line and flash me. What the hell is going on?! Oh, and don't forget the KGB tattoo that I got at my old elementary school. I don't know what I ate last night.

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