Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Subjects in One

It was three and a half years ago...

... it came into my world...

... it changed everything. FOREVER.

iPod Touch

Was that dramatic enough for you? I believe Apple would be proud. So anyway, in conjunction with this new device I was unwillingly introduced to iTunes.

"What the heck?! I have no choice but to use this bulky-ass program to sync my MP3s with my iPod?"

I was uncomfortable to say the least. Prior to iTunes, I was using WinAMP to listen to my 600-some songs... which used up only a fraction of my 15" monitor. Now I have what seems to be an entire operating system running my playlist. It took a long time to get used to it, but it came with plenty of perks, i.e. album art, the iTunes store, apps for the iPod touch and a very organized interface.

With this new device, I now had my entire playlist: meaning all my ripped CDs and previously-downloaded MP3s in the palm of my hand. I no longer had to burn CDs to listen to in the car every day. I took it all with me on one device. Now keep in mind, this was 2007. Not that long ago, people!

The first iPod was released in 2001, sporting storage capacity of a whopping 5 or 10-gigabytes. So while still being behind the times with my first iPod in '07, it's been only 9 years since this technology really came upon us. Before that, our listening pleasure was determined by how many CDs, audio cassettes or eight-tracks (I said it) we felt like lugging around. In this world of "less is more," we are slowly perfecting the art of stuffing all entertainment into one 3½ oz. computer that boasts audio/visual superiority among countless other peripherals.

CD players are out! Don't need that ESP (Electronic Skip Protection) anymore, SONY. My iPod has no moving parts, thanks. It's doubtful that children in middle schools know what an audio cassette is or what a boombox was used for <---preposition.

Where this hardware shrinkage may seem to bother me, in all honesty, I'm thrilled with the technological leaps in entertainment hardware we've seen in the past few years. And while I could go on for hundreds of boring paragraphs, I must digress. I'm really here to discuss the difficulty I now have when faced with this self-imposed, nerve-racking question:

"What the hell do I want to listen to now?"

While I'm generally known to crank up Megadeth or some corny 80's tune, I'm finding myself indulging more and more in my favorite French-Canadian group, Chromeo. Their 3rd and latest album in September, "Business Casual" has had me bobbin' my head for 3 months and shows no signs of wearing off. If you've heard their 1st two albums, then you're probably a huge fan. To best describe Chromeo's sound, I can only use lead singer, Dave 1's, own words:

"We just started this quest to rehabilitate a whole chapter of music
which, to us, was one of the most interesting and most progressive...
and most humorous at times as well... Certainly most funky, you know
cause it's that junction of funk and early days of hip hop and...
electronic music.

So there's much influence from the 80's in their music. But what about their videos? Well, take a look and see:


1. Irrelevant warehouse scenarios... check.
2. Intimate choreographed dancing drowned by dramatic lighting... check.
3. One man coveted by numerous "Perfect 10"-type women... check.

Need I go on? Check them out if you want some good party music. They'd fit perfectly into your iTunes collection.

Love as always,


  1. You are so smooth at writing. Dean and I think u'd make a great journalist

  2. To funny. It seems to me in a couple of years they will have the ability to beam songs right into our head. Sadly years after that they will discover in doing so millions will have brain cancer and slowly we will all die and the only ones left behind in this world will be the people who A. can't afford it or B. the ones who bought a Zune. Either way the future is both BRIGHT and BLEAK. Just a thought.