Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Day

showered in Sunshine
the Daisy, withered, wakes up
to a world anew.


  1. - I can NOT possibly be more excited for your new life. 2010 - your new life. My new life (being saved, and discovering truths I never thought possible, etc)... 2010... A new life. finally.

    Go Shay Go.

    Go E Go!

  2. Are you the Daisy?
    Watch out for the dogs that pee.
    I made a haiku!

  3. Thanks Steph. So when are we hanging out next? You've been super busy, eh? Let's enjoy life! Come on! And Lisa... You. Are. Ridiculous. Thanks for the haiku reply. It really made me reevaluate my life. You are the best.

  4. I've been doing school - and will be cramming for a while (cause I have to finished three weeks worth of school before March 14th since we'll be gone for two weeks for the cruise).
    I worked last night and will work tonight. I'm gonna do some school right now after I eat something.
    Doing insanity phase two as best as possible!
    And... dean and I are just waiting to go on that double date with you and the misses asap.
    We will make time.
    I'm always wondering how you are with that, so anytime you have a chance to chat - let me know - other than that - ...again - i'm so glad you're awake and happy.

  5. MORE BLOGs....You KNOW your brain is a tickin.