Friday, November 27, 2009

New Things

Remember being a kid and making a hat out of paper? Or finally figuring out how to ride your bike without the training wheels? How cool did it feel the first time you used a Polaroid camera to take a picture? You point. You press that big plastic button - Out comes a photo that develops in front of your eyes! WHAT?! How did that happen?! Let's do it again.

All these things seem pretty fantastic when you're a child, don't they? What prevents us from keeping that spark? Why do we constantly search for newer, better things? When we're kids, we want the Huffy bike from Toys 'R' Us. We get that and find out our friends have the 21-speed. We're constantly trying to 1-up ourselves. Hello 16! Who wants a car? I do!

My first car was a Red 1998 Honda Civic EX... fully loaded of course. I was so excited when I drove it off the lot. I distinctly recall driving to the house, picking up my girlfriend, and driving around just to drive my own car. The feeling I felt while driving was the same feeling I got while riding that little Huffy bike in circles on my back porch. It was just being applied to something new. The car was more complicated... bigger... faster... "better."

YOU: What's the point?
ME: I'll tell you. A little over 2 years ago, I bought a bicycle.
YOU: Get on with it.
ME: Will you shut up for a second? I have a point. Trust me.

"HAHA. That was cute with the fake dialogue."

Anyway, I bought this bicycle so I could do something "new" with my girlfriend. I was getting bored with life. I would DRIVE to her house and we would sit and watch TV for hours. This was becoming increasingly annoying. I thought that if I bought a bicycle we could do something together that didn't involve sitting and gaining weight. Needless to say, it never happened. I put it away for over a year.

One day, I picked it up, inflated the tires, and hit the road. Can I tell you people that riding a bike isn't exactly as easy as "riding a bike." If you're out of shape and expect to get on a bike and ride 5 miles up and down hills, you've got another thing coming.

What have I become?! I used to hop on the bike, ride off for hours and return home to play catch with my brother. How come it was so difficult now? I'll tell you. All these bigger, better things I was looking for had taken the child out of me. I stopped seeing the beauty and simplicity in things like bikes or paper hats. Cell phones and surround sound... things of the digital era... all of this had taken me away from who I once was. I'm a child. This world is HUGE, and I'm just a little kid who wants to experience the simple things... fitness, puppies, love, kissing, having my own family.

Are we ever going to give in to our natural needs and let go of the stranglehold we put on ourselves to become this monster who has every product in the "Big Bad American Dream" catalog, or are we going to step back a moment and realize that we only need the little things?

I'm sure most of us have thought about this, especially in this time of "economic crisis." Has anybody heard about this? Yeah, apparently, we're in some sort of trouble. Anyway, my point is "Come back to basics, people!" What are we trying to prove with all these expensive toys we buy all the time?

That's all for tonight. I'm tired and ready to stop rambling. Love you all.

Have a good night,

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  1. Loved your blog. You are a great writer. I'm going to sell all my expensive toys, How much you think I can get for Stephanie? :-)