Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a Lifestyle

Hello internet humans,

So, back in January, I started a workout regimen that I was sure to give up on in a couple days. Most of us have stayed up late enough or woken up earlier than the ass-crack of dawn and seen the infomercial. It is made up of countless testimonials recorded on cheesy camcorders by every-day people in their average homes. What is it? I'll tell you in a second. These people claim to have changed their bodies from goo to muscle with little workout equipment, in a modest area of the house. No machines... no gym.

I had always wanted to try it, but didn't have the motivation, rather I didn't believe I had the strength/endurance to see results. But with the push of my brother Pete, I dropped my half-hour, all-in-one workout and began what we all know as P90-X!

I started at 179 pounds - not so hot for a guy who's 5'6". I finished high school at 145, so this was unacceptable in my eyes. I'm now at 155, and don't mind the 10-lb. difference from high school because of the muscle gain. Tony Horton (right), the brain behind P90-X, is a personal trainer with a sense of humor, which helps people like me get through the workout. I'm here to improve my body, but I need a little uplift from time-to-time. He's the one to give it.

Anyway, I'm writing for 3 reasons. I want to:
  1. spread the message to people who want to change their lives. I have, and I've never felt better (physically and mentally).
  2. thank Tony Horton for creating this simple, but physically demanding piece of work for everyone who wants to change.
  3. thank Pete for helping me change, and thank my best friend Steph for starting and constantly inspiring me.
Love you all,

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  1. today - August 7th - is my last day (sunday is a rest day)!!! so far - i lost a total gross weight of 9lbs in 12 weeks. I was 126lbs on May 18th (the day i started) - and now I am 117!!! and tone!!! CRAZZZY!!!!!
    i love it because - I built my way up on my own pace, and it gave just enough mnotivation! no more driving to the gym and wasting time setting up plus the money every month!
    my goal is to never stop.
    People shouldn't stop beign active anyway - so - i figure I can keep on.
    Emmanuel is my strength!!!!
    thank you so much babe!!!
    Love you - I owe you!