Thursday, August 6, 2009

... FUNNY story.

So a Michigan man chops up his wife up into lots of pieces, and is found in the friggin' woods where he is arrested and damn-near frozen. Now, people, I don't know about you but this is laugh-out-loud entertainment... Isn't it?

Well, this anchorwoman finds it unbelievably amusing. Maybe someone behind the camera was holding up a life-size poster of Jon Cryer nude. Or could it be, possibly, that Stephen Grant's mugshot fired off just the right amount of neurons in Ms. Haha's frontal lobe to make her giggle like a 6th-grade schoolgirl passing notes in class. Do you like me? Check "Yes" or "No." Anywho, have a look at this:



  1. That guy looks like a terrorist!!! omg - that poor woman. I bet that anchor lady was reprimanded or something worse.
    That's the problem with the media today - they take the emotion out of news - they allow people to react to trauma like ..."eh."


  2. Pretty gross, right? People should be able to react to situations naturally. We are kind-of spoon-fed how we're supposed to feel. That's what being politically correct is all about. I say, "whatev Bev."