Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't know why.

From the first moment,
I knew I loved everything you were:
The good, the bad, the lies.
It was illogical, but it just was.
Without understanding,
perhaps in your trance.

I said you'd break my heart.
Do you remember?

I didn't will it to happen,
but just as I knew I loved you,
I knew we were bound for heartache.
It still eats at my psyche.
Still awaiting a cure, the memories return...
in nightmares.

In dreams I embrace your presence.
Eventually coming to, I continue moving forward.

Tears no longer fall.
It's been years.
Numb to the effects,
I only focus on moving forward...
Looking for a love as moving,
as powerful as we had, then.

Do you remember?


  1. Yes, I remember. But don't worry! We are friends now! All is good.


    ...crap, this isn't about me, is it? ::wanders away::

  2. Lisa, you're ridiculous. But thanks for making me laugh out loud.